A View From The Shed End
A View From The Shed End
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Limited Edition 100% cotton men's tee with a vintage wash for superb comfort, fit and feel. Available in Vintage Black.

A View From The Shed - Poster This shirt also includes an 11" x 17" poster of the graphic that features a quote from Chris Sullivan.

"Punk should be remembered if only to illustrate how influential a small group of people can be."

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Bumpy Pitch X Nick Egan
This shirt is inspired by the soccer and punk scenes of the late 1970's in London. We collaborated with artist and London native Nick Egan to capture the feel of the time and the influence that soccer and punk music had on an entire generation. Set in the Shed End of Stamford Bridge, the graphic depicts the vibe that was unique to not only the sport and the music scene, but also to the location and a specific moment of time.